Racjin is a Japanese developer of video game software apps and pachinko and pachislots and other digital gaming and entertainment products. 

As a company that creates fun, Racjin cherishes love and wishes to create fun, which is why they named the company after the God of fun, Gorakujin but changed it into the more familiar name Racjin, to be recognized by their customers.

They have more than 120 games. As the number of smartphone applications has increased, their flexible team structure has allowed them to assign staff from different sections to each project to develop games for any platform or genre. Racjin not only responds to orders, but also enhances the quality of work by making improvements and suggestions. 

Racjin entered the pachinko and pachislot machine development back in 2004, taking advantage of their video and programming technology cultivated in the gaming industry. To meet the needs of their players and constantly wanting to evolve with time and innovations, they created their own i-Gaming department early on. 

Racjin creates everything from graphics, characters, patterns, sounds and other effects in games to keep them interesting and fun. 

Racjin started out in 1995 with building console games but the changes in lifestyles and the rapid changes in IT and internet connections resulted in moving into the development of games for online gaming. 

Constantly creating new player experiences together with a focus on high quality are creating the foundation of their development focus. 


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