Oiran Dream - when is your Doki Doki time?!


OIRAN Dream is the latest, and most exciting, game released by Golden Hero since Hawaiian Dream. It is a 3x3 pachinko slot game inheriting the popular RESPIN function of Hawaiian Dream.

This game is the result of another joint venture by Golden Hero and JTG when it is at its best. If you are on the Asian markets this is a game you must have. “We have high expectations on this game”, says Thomas Nimstad - CEO of Golden Hero. He continues “Oiran Dream is the continuation of the success of Hawaiian Dream, adding not only an additional layer of the Japanese theme but more importantly it truly shows the potential of the pachinko style mechanics.”

With clear animations and changes in music it is really easy to follow the game play and understand why you win. This game has medium volatility but it makes it just as easy for beginners to understand the game flow as for hard core gamers to find excitement and thrills. 

Oiran Dream is packed with thrilling game functions. From Free Spins, Oiran Rush, to three versions of Doki Doki Time to Kamon Bonus there's definitely something that will trigger your wish to visit Oiran Dream and Japan. 

Contact us today to get the game added to your portfolio. 

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