Monster Domination!


Monster Domination is a classic online slot game with monsters and enemies from Racjin and Golden Hero. In this slot there is a thin line between the dead and the living and if you crave some bone-chilling excitement you should definitely give Monster Domination a try! 

This slot game is not just filled with monsters and enemies; you will also encounter some pretty great bonuses. Ultimately you want to reach the Battle Feature in which you need to sharpen up your battle skills together with the monsters - The ruthless Carmilla, The powerful Frankenstein and The quick Siren. You can get to the Battle Feature either by receiving 3 or more scatter symbols or by powering up the monster gauge with 10 monster symbols or you can use the buy button to purchase yourself straight into the battle feature. 

Entering the Battle Feature gives you 5 free spins. The Battle Feature is a ranking round battle system in which every winning round, within your 5 free spins, progresses the player monster to the next round to battle a stronger enemy with another 5 free spins. If you win all 4 rounds the player monster will loop back to round 1 with the weakest enemy. The stronger the enemy the greater the chance of a higher prize!

If you have a love for monsters and zombies you should definitely give this real money slot slayer a chance! 

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